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Weekly Summary January 6 – January 12, 2014: Bring on the Big Weights and Welcome to a Guest Writer

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Weight program: Strength Build Week 1 out of 6
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 15min warmup, 2x20min (5min rest in between) @ ~FTP, 10min cooldown
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday:  1:00h Indoor Z2 ride
Friday: 1:00h Indoor Z2 ride
Saturday: 1:00h Indoor Z2 ride
Sunday:  1:15h Indoor Z2 ride

Total Bikescore/TSS: 243

Total Training Time: 5:35h bike+1:00h Weights

Weekly Summary

2x20min vs 1x40min FTP Interval

Doing long sub FTP/threshold workouts has been a staple in my weekly training routines. It has done me wonders for 2 seasons. Physiologically doing intervals at or close to FTP does wonders as far as developing capillaries and other nice changes with your cardiovascular system to feed your muscles with oxygenated blood and such; of course I am oversimplifying, however, once i get started on physiology it’s difficult to stop=)

In addition getting used to pushing hard for extended periods of time, really helped me with doing TTs; 40-45min is a looong time if you start out too hard, so with some trial and error I started to figure it out. The one drawback is that such long intervals for week after week and season after season seem to have gotten into the “Do I have to do this AGAIN” category. So what to do?

While searching for some training tips for the track pursuit, I came across a presentation of training guru – Andrew Coggan (Track Applications of a Powermeter, Google it). In short even track pursuiters get most of their training on the road in the first part of season. He suggests twice weekly sessions of 2x20min @ ~FTP together with long Z2 rides in order to build a solid endurance base in the first parts of season. The idea is not very much different than what I have been doing up to now. What I really like is that 20min pass much quicker and since it is a shorter duration the average power is higher. More power, more training stress, more improvement. Also doing such workouts 2 times a week would definitely be a nice challenge. I am starting with just one 2x20min session for the first 2-3 weeks and see where it takes me. I like to keep things interesting.=).

P.S. I did only a 15min warmup for the 2x20min workout, which didn’t feel enough so from now on I will be back to the tried and tested 20min warmup.

Bring on the Big Weights!

Muscle Memory continues to amaze me. After the 4 introductory weeks of Weight training and 1 recovery week, my body was able to push on big weights with good form. I have to dig out my training logs from last season, however, I am pretty sure  am close to what I was able to do back than; and I am just starting with this 6 week training cycle! Another positive is that I was only slightly sore for just 2 days afterwards. Now is the time everybody is waiting, lower repetitions and heavy heavy stuff around. Bring it on!

Training Every Day

I have gotten the most I could with 5 training days a week. I am not going to lie, it was nice to be almost fully recovered for each training session. It started by  taking the Friday off in order to get prepared for some big outdoor weekend rides outside. I kept it as another day off and my progress has been extremely good. Now it is time for the next level…

Avoiding the possibility of getting extremely bored with long rides on the trainer, adding one more training is a logical step. From now on, I will only have Monday (THE official cyclist’day off) as my recovery day.

Welcome to Rob McCarty

Couple of weeks ago I mentioned I would be adding a Track Cycling section on the blog (The Track Corner)  following my exploits with one gear, no brakes and steeply banked riding surfaces. I got an email from a fellow cyclist in Canada – Rob McCarty. Just like me, he is a big guy and while riding primarily on the road he does quite some track cycling during the winter. He has quite some first hand experience which a lot of you, myself included, are probably wondering: what kind of bike, what gears, riding etiquette at the velodrome, and probably much much more. He has offered to write articles as a guest writer for – The Track Corner, so stay tuned for some great info on (starting) to ride on the velodrome. His first article – “Anatomy of a Track Bike” is coming shortly!

The Dream is Alive! Picture: Source

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Home » The Training Hours » Weekly Summary » Weekly Summary January 6 – January 12, 2014: Bring on the Big Weights and Welcome to a Guest Writer

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