Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary January 6 – January 12, 2014: Bring on the Big Weights and Welcome to a Guest Writer

Weight program: Strength Build Week 1 out of 6 Monday: Off Tuesday: 15min warmup, 2x20min (5min rest in between) @ ~FTP, 10min cooldown Wednesday: Weights Thursday:  1:00h Indoor Z2 ride Friday: 1:00h Indoor Z2 ride Saturday: 1:00h Indoor Z2 ride Sunday:  1:15h Indoor Z2 ride Total Bikescore/TSS: 243 Total Training Time: 5:35h bike+1:00h Weights Weekly Summary 2x20min vs 1x40min FTP […]

The Training Hours

Golden Cheetah – Basic Setup, Care and Feeding

Analyzing your powermeter data is as important as training with power. In my previous post I made an overview of what actually a Training Analysis Software (such as Golden Cheetah) does behind the scenes so to speak. Initial Setup After you install Golden Cheetah there are couple of important things you need to take care of before […]

Against the Clock Pain and Racing Speed The Training Hours

Time Trialing – Variable Pacing

Air resistance and wind are the nemeses of every cyclist. However, both can be used to your advantage in a time trial for free. The faster you go the more mother nature tries to push you back. In simple terms, an average sized cyclist on a TT bike will need to produce 10W more to […]