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Weekly Summary January 13 – January 19, 2014: Steel is Real

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Weight program: Strength Build Week 2 out of 6

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 20min warmup, 2x20min (5min rest in between) @ ~FTP, 10min cooldown
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday:  1:00h Indoor Z2 ride
Friday: Off
Saturday: 20min warmup, 2x20min (5min rest in between) @ ~FTP, 10min cooldown
Sunday:  2:00h Indoor Z2 ride

Total Bikescore/TSS: 260

Total Training Time: 5:30h bike+1:15h Weights

Weekly Summary

Steel is Real – The Chris King Stainless Steel Driveshell

Almost 3 years of riding in the rain, snow, salt and dust, my Chris King classic hubs have seen 2 pairs of rims, lots of kilometers, and they haven’t skipped a beat.Unfortunately, one thing that has bothered me for a while was  that my Shimano 10 speed cassettes have started digging in the aluminum freehub body.

Chris King Steel Driveshell
Chris King Driveshells (Old vs New) – Aluminum (left) and Stainless Steel (right)

From a slight wiggling needed to convince the cogs to come off, it has gotten to the point where I couldn’t remove the gear cluster without some serious leverage, hammering and scraped fingers. Chris King offers a stainless steel driveshell as a standard upgrade for heavy load applications – tandem riding, mountain bike trials etc. It costs extra and adds 50grams as compared to the already ridiculously light aluminum version. The stainless steel driveshell is also recommended when you would use cassettes with separate cogs – i.e Shimano Tiagra and other cheaper alternatives which are perfect for training. Even with gear clusters (Shimano Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105) where the large cogs are together on a carrier, you still get notching in the gears which are not together (see picture), therefore the steel freehub body is quite a sensible upgrade for worry free cassette changing.

Back to my case…I am larger than average person (86-95kg/189-210lbs) and while not weak, I can only dream of being able to put out the power of a tandem team, hence why I never considered the aluminum freehub body to be something I would have to replace. In addition in order to transfer my bearings in a new empty driveshell I would need the special Chris King Hub Tool, or buy new bearings already installed – both options are not cheap – high quality comes at a price. So what to do?

One of the reasons I chose Chris King above any other manufacturer was the outstanding customer service; just like many others before me I was more than happy I picked them!

I got in touch with Chris King using the online contact form and after sending in some pictures of my rear hub, I got an email saying that I would be getting a new driveshell. Although aluminum freehub bodies are considered a ‘wear item’ (and not covered by warranty) since they have to withstand the wear from much harder steel components, Chris King sent me a brand new stainless steel driveshell with bearings already installed!

All I needed was 2x5mm allen wrenches to take out my old driveshell and install my new one. I guess because it was so easy together with the fact that my cassette didn’t explode off my rear wheel as I was expecting (I really was!) right before the Tour of Bulgaria and the months afterwards, the stainless steel driveshell just stood in my parts bin until last weekend. After letting the chain on my trainer bike get so worn and stretched and a rear shifter cable unravel almost irreparably inside the shifter,  I guess it reeeeeaaaaally was time to do some maintenance checks on my equipment. Ten-ish minutes later (most of which were me marveling at the precision Chris King component rather than doing any work) and 50grams heavier, my wheelset just got another point in bomproofness.

Thank you Chris King for the amazing customer service!

Chris King Stainless Steel Driveshell Header Nikola Banishki

Pain is Real and The Matrix

Doing two weekly sessions of 2x20min FTP intervals is new to me so it was going to be a challenge for sure. With that in mind even though I have just added Friday as a training day, I wanted to be fresh for Saturday’s intervals. Interval 1 – no problem, Interval 2…boy did it hurt…15min in and it was all willpower and no cycling power. I suspect it was the pumpkin soup with toast I had for dinner the day before, it just didn’t have all the stuff which a regular solid dinner contains….lesson learned.

Also if you ever considered watching The Matrix and sequels while on the trainer, I will strongly advise against it. While the fight scenes and the plot are quite inspirational and taking your mind away from the monotonous indoor workout, they create an illusion that time passes quickly…

Well it doesn’t….

What seemed like a 10min fight scene was only 1-2minutes in my non-Mattrix dimension. The whole movie is one crazy special effects scene after another and after 10 of them, the workout clock had barely moved past the 10minute mark. This was very VERY demoralizing. Oh well…more movies to choose, now that I have heard that emperatures will plummet into crazy cold after Wednesday.

The Dream is Alive!

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Home » The Training Hours » Weekly Summary » Weekly Summary January 13 – January 19, 2014: Steel is Real

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