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Hi Nikola

Thanks for the reply to my comment on your post. I thought it was probably easier to directly contact you rather than a longer post on the blog article. Some quick points:

-thanks for the pointers to your other blog articles which have set me on some more reading and experimentation. Ive order the book as well!

-power cranks are now on my shopping list… Im actually in the middle of having a new bike built and waiting for the frame to arrive so this is good timing!

-Ive now realised my HR sensor *never* goes over 160 and Ive now witnessed drop to 80-100 when Im exercising hard. THis suggests to me that at high pulses it only counts every other beat which is obviously not too helpful! This was a bicep mounted HRM so Ive ordered a chest mounted one to see how that performs

-I have a 2hr training route which has a 20 minute segment which is near flat which would prove good to monitor on (Ive got a chart export I can send which shows my last ride)

-Im not quite sure how I create my only personal intervals/segments in Golden Cheetah that can then be applied across past rides. More information on this would be really helpful if thats OK!

-one of the things cycling in the aerobic zone (Im fit/injury free and 49yo, so Ive targeted 121-131) has forced me to think about is breathing technique and pedalling technique. Ive now realised taking fast deeper breaths reduces my HR (not surprising!) however this has been improving my work rate (at least as I perceive it until I get the power meter). For pedalling technique Ive been looking at dropping my heels more but this seems to generate much discussion. Again power meter will help me determine if that will sustain higher power at lower HR. Any thoughts?

-interesting Amazon Prime had a documentary recently called “Fat Fiction” which touched upon a number of the topics you write about. It was interesting and had some things I hadnt come across before, although generally I think my diet is good and generally low carb although I think I might monitor that a little more closely to get a better estimate

Thanks again for setting me on this journey!



Hi Mike,

You posted two comments so I am addressing them as one here (I also sent it to the email you have listed).

Also apologies for my delayed reaction, I wanted to be sure I am giving you the correct instructions with regard to Golden Cheetah so I had to actually drop my phone for once and go to my computer=)

So while we are on that topic, here i show to create your personal “segments” in Golden Cheetah.
In the activities Tab (top) go to the Ride tab, there you should have all the metrics for your ride (speed, time, elevation, cadence, whatever sensors you have tracking, etc.). You can select with your mouse a ‘part of that ride’ and that part will appear as “Selection #1” on the left side. You can right click on it to Rename, delete it, or save it as a segment. You can verify on the Map Tab above if the segment matches what you think it does -delete and reselect unitl happy. Once you have created a segment from your selection, it will appear on the left side on every ride that passed through it. You can drag it (the Segment) to the bottom of the page (i think) and it will prompt you if you want ot visualize jsut this one or all. If you select all, you will get a spreadsheet like list that you can sort by columns, for example time to complete your 20min segmetn over the last couple of months. I have not followed for a while what has been goign on on the development front of golden cheetah, though I would like to be able to export that data in some sort of format, though maybe that has been implemented. The above is all based on teh assumption that you have GPS data form your rides, otherwise you will ave to select your “segment” of interest manually ride per ride. Play around with the various screens on Golden Cheetah and see what you can get out of them, though again i warn you (and I am guilty of that myself) do not waste too much time. Find something simple and robust that you can use ‘when the lights are out’ sort to speak – time over a loop for a given (MAF) HR, potentially power at MAF HR for that segment, time over a hill (so wind effects are largely neutralized).

Going to HR sensors, get a chest strap, they have been doing ECG since the early days of medecine using chest mounted electrodes so this is a time tested method. Make sure it contacts you well and it is wet enough or you can get funky readings (before you start sweating for example). ANT+ or bluetooth should be fine, just make sure that your bike computer can pair with it.

A brief note about power cranks, familiarize yoursel fwith the “Zero offset” sometimes wrongly called “Calibration” procedure. Although most models have an algorhythm to do that automatically, sometimes due to changing temperatures you can get a bit of a drift of values over time. Nothing too drastic, though I have had some minor issues with that – this is all based on my now ancient Quarq Red 22. Since you are in the UK, Stages Europe actually offer 10% discount if you sign to their newsletter and if you are ona budget a single leg power meter is an option, with the obvious limitations of course.

Breathing and in general listening to your body is a very good way to learn to trust your brain, which like i mentioned is the BEST fitness tracker out there. In the articles I sent in your previous message, I mentioned that this is how I fine tuned my MAF heart rate couple beats lower than the 180 formula had suggested. Following your progerss with MAF tests here is crucial so that you are not fooling yourself – which we have all done and it is easy to do.

Pedalling technique is one of those things that goes into another DEEP rabbit hole of bike fit and proprioreception feedback that we get through our feet. I point you towards the excellent info by bike fitter Steve Hogg in Australia ( I think..). He has a ton of great info on his website and in your case that would be the article series on Foot Correction – to summarize it A LOT – we get a lot of information from our enviroment, however, we (our brain) can priritize only so much, with motion and postion being a top priority. When we walk, stand, etc through our feet we are getting constant feedback (our arches flexing, etc) – all is good and we don’t really think about it, however, on a bike with a hard soled stiff shoes our feet fall into a proprioreceptive black hole. With proper foot correction (and bike fit such as saddle height etc), your pedalling technique will sort itself out on autopilot, heels down, etc. Steve Hogg’s methods are actually pateneted and very few people know *and* understand how to apply them – Scherrit Knoesen being one of them in the UK. I visited him prior and wrote about it here (

I have not heard of “Fat fiction,” though the books I recommended to you (as well as the ones here – Dr . Maffetone;s big yellow book and Primal Endurance were among the first ones out ther against all the skepticism and preconceived notions of the world and the fitness community and as such ar a good starting point; they are not perfect but nowadays in the world of search engine optimisation and ‘asking for likes’ a lot of people try to get on the bandwagon and with some good special effects, wrongful and dangerous claims (ie the Game Changers) get out there. So I always say – think for yourself and always ask why. so wihtout going on too radical of a tangent here, my advise when it comes to diet is to actually track it so again you are not fooling yourself (apps are one gadget that actuall has some fitness/health value here). Don’t worry about keto or how low (carbs) can you go etc. Be conscious/aware and honest about the whole thing, *definitely* cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates (pastas, breads, etc) and see what works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

Of course, if I have missed something or you ahve other questions, please let me know.

All the best,


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