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Bicycles are fun, no two opinions about it. However, when not ridden, they are inconvenient for transport or storing., especially if space is limited like in an apartment. The constant bumping and snagging into pointy bicycle parts can quickly turn into a hate only relationship. Read further on how I conveniently and safely stored multiple bikes including, carbon frames in a single room.

Storing Bikes Indoor Cycloc
Storing Bikes Indoor Cycloc

The ideal number of bikes you should own is n+1. However, whether you have one or many, you need to store them. The most important requirement is convenience for you and safety for the bike. While my bicycle fleet was growing, I was running out of wall space to lean my bikes. So storing bike higher was the only option. A convenient and frequently suggested way is suspending it from ceiling hooks. Cheap, however having sharp chainrings freely swinging around at around eye level and having to drill holes into newly painted ceilings was not an option. There’s gotta be a better way! Surely, I saw this plastic bucket-like thing at a bike shop here – The Cycloc! The perfect birthday present!

I ordered 1 right away. (I currently have 3 installed and a 4th one coming into the next week or so.) At EU60 ($90 plus shipping in the USA) each, they are a rather fancy storage option, however, they did not disappoint. Installation instructions were pretty straight forward. Couple of things to note though:

  • Familiarize yourself with what kind of walls you have so you can get the correct mounting hardware since it is NOT included.
  • Measure carefully where you want the Cycloc, especially if you are going to be storing bikes on top and/or behind each other. Drilled holes do not come with an Undo button=) There are very clear diagrams on what minimum distance from each other the Cyclocs  should be positioned.

The provided stencil made drilling the holes a breeze. I personally found that even for my road bikes installing the provided spacer resulted in a neater solution. With the spacer there is only ~7cm (3in) more of the Cycloc projecting from the wall.

Cycloc Carbon Frame
Carbon Frame in a Cycloc

Three (soon 4) Cyclocs later there are 3 (4) bikes on a single wall into an average sized room (5x3m; 15x10ft). My carbon bikes have not gotten as much as a scratch, thanks to the rubberized contact points. Non-round frame tubes fit nicely. Swapping wheels between bikes couldn’t be easier. You can rotate the whole unit around to accommodate any type of bike or frame – from folding bikes to step-through frames. I have not seen a bike-weight limit posted anywhere, however, the recommended mounting hardware is very heavy duty so possibilities seem limitless. One negative I have with the Cycloc is that you need to play around on how to balance the bike so that the front wheel is not constantly turning towards the wall and leaving marks. Also you cannot store much inside, since the surface flares out and items tend to slide out.

If you are one of those people with huge bike sheds or roomy garages (lucky you!) you can still use The Cycloc to securely put your prized steed high away from cars, pets children and/or spouses.

During Eurobike 2012, the Cycloc designers announced a couple of new bicycle storage solutions (folding storage as well as helmet and accessories storage), following the philosophy of the original Cycloc. I am curious and excited about the future releases.

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Home » Equipment » My Bikes » Storing Bike(s) Indoors – The Cycloc

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A TT bike should fit just fine on the Cycloc. My S Works Shiv attaches just like a regular bike; for a picture see my post here ( You might have to rotate the Cycloc a bit to get the bike balanced etc. since for example the Shiv is quite front heavy (aerobars, spacers, shifters..) so it tended to ‘dip forward.’


Hello and thanks for your comment.

According to Cycloc, it should be possible, of course it depends on your specific bike. I haven’t tested it myself.

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