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Custom Carbon Frame and 400 Watts: 2013 Goals and Aspirations

  A dream becomes a goal when you create a plan -Joe Friel 400 Watts After a rollercoaster ride that involved a very stressful job, time trial bike getting delivered 10days (after 4months of promises) before the national championships and my first season as a 100% self coached athlete, I improved my FTP from 325W […]

The Passion For it All

The Challenge of “Why?” and The Other Side, Motivational Monday with George Mallory

Why do you do it? The speed, the thrill, the wins, the crowds? I think it all boils down to the challenge. Although we will never know whether George Mallory managed to ascend to Mt. Everest for the first time in human history, his words ring with eternal resonance. Simple, yet precise it is the answer to the eternal […]

The Training Hours

2012 Cycling Season In Review

Going back to January or even a week or two before I first started training I set a couple of goals that I wanted to achieve for myself. Join a cycling team/club Draft up and follow a training program Learn what it takes to be self coached and self sufficient as an athlete. Start the National Time Trial Championships […]