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A dream becomes a goal when you create a plan

-Joe Friel

400 Watts

After a rollercoaster ride that involved a very stressful job, time trial bike getting delivered 10days (after 4months of promises) before the national championships and my first season as a 100% self coached athlete, I improved my FTP from 325W to 350W in the span of 6 months. Needless to say my training schedule was not perfect. I trained an average 6-7hrs/week (goal was 8) and I raced mostly time trials, with an occasional criterium. I never did a full 40km (25mi) TT before my A priority race. On the positive side I trained smart, maybe too conservative, since I had a very clear goal in mind: the Bulgarian National TT Championships.

My 2013 season goals are to train 10-12 weekly hours on the bike+some hours focusing on strength training. I have included a 4 week TT specific block in the end of season which should further help me. Since I have a TT bike I will spend time riding it every week and daily before events. Coming off a pretty good off-season I am aiming to make the jump from 350W to 400W @ FTP towards May-June.

Here is a PDF version of my 2013 Training Plan. There is a legend at the end of the document and all my priority races are highlighted in red. I tried to keep it simple without too much diversity when it comes to workouts. I will cover periodization and such in greater details in a future post.


Last season I used the plan included in the Road Cyclists Guide to Training by Power by Charles Howe. One of my main goals for 2012 was to follow a premade training schedule and see what works and what doesn’t for me. For the most part 2012 was OK , however, I could have done a better job carrying my mid-season form to the National Championships. In addition I should have done more TT specific workouts.

As far as 2013 is concerned I am pretty happy with the schedule until my first big race: The TijdRijders Cup on April 14, 2013. In addition the 4 week TT specific block is something that should further help me get specific in my time trialing. The 6-8 weeks in between is where things went not according to plan last season, so I will pay attention to keep my aerobic condition, I know what to avoid. Most importantly, the national racing calendar is not finalized so I will remain flexible and adjust my schedule based on race changes, my condition, etc. Yes, that includes skipping a race/taking it easy in order to stay on track for my goal (and avoiding overtraining, etc.).

Racing and Limiters


Just like previous season my priority race will be the Bulgarian National TT Championships, however, this year I will try my hand at the road race as well. I am still to renew my racing license, however, by the looks of it I will race as an “Amateur” (The Dutch equivalent of Cat 2/3) which would preclude me from most of the road races (open only to category “Elite” (Cat 1/PRO) riders/teams, that include Rabobank, Rabobank Continental, Topsport Vlaanderen, etc. you get the idea.)

Nonetheless every criterium has an “Amateur” category and there are one or two 120km road races in the calendar so with some planning I will have an good ‘idea’ and preparation for road racing.

Starting end of March my club organizes Thursday night training competition series. There are points awarded and a season ranking together with prize money as incentives. The course is one of the most challenging in the region, with tight 90 degree turns and very fast lap times (under a minute is not unusual). I plan to do as many of the races as possible without endangering my ultimate goal – for example pouring rain makes the technical course even more treacherous – crashes do happen. I am not going for the overall classification etc, but to get my peloton skills sharpened. I plan to do what it takes to ride at the front ‘where the action’ is. That is where the better riders are and I have found myself this is the best way to become a better bicycle racer!

A rough look at my 2013 racing calendar:


  • Thursday night training series


  • Thursday night training series
  • 14.04.2013: TijdrijdersCup – 40.8km TT
  • 20.04.2013: Omloop door het land van het Kleine Hein – 70km road race


  • Thursday night training series (a maybe)
  • 05.05.2013 – Ronde van Amstelveen – local criterium
  • Club TT Championships: 18.9km TT
  • 25.05.2013 – Omloop Hoeksche Waard – 96km road race
  • Regional TT Championships


  • 01.06.2013 – Omloop van de Ijsseldelta – 120km road race
  • 28.06.2013 – Bulgarian National TT Championships
  • 30.06.2013 – Bulgarian National Road Championships


  • Dutch Amateur TT Championships


Last year I discovered that my bike handling skills are average at best and a serious limiter; not as important for time-trialing, however, if I want to be a competitive bike rider I will have to get better, hence why I plan to do a lot of ‘practice’ races. I will incorporate some ‘technical’ rides in my program and I will keep you posted.

Custom Carbon Frame

For the longest time I have had an idea to create a custom paint job as a personal touch to my dream bike. Just like most of you I have been coveting the Shimano Di2 electronic shifting since the day it first came out. Therefore a project I want to have finished around April/May is a DIY internal Di2, custom painted frame (my 2010 S Works Tarmac Sl3). A rough draft version appears as the featured image at the top of this post. I am thinking a computer game/cartoon theme. It would remind me of the magical childhood days when I was truly happy, a feeling that seems to elude me and the rest of us in our daily lives.

I will be posting my progress here so please subscribe/follow me on twitter. I will include a full process walk through with details so you can design a custom bicycle paint job yourself. After months of searching I have been unable to find a SINGLE site that covers the whole process, I aim to correct that.

I have started teaching myself airbrushing and researching various paints, epoxies, finishes, techniques, etc. The preparation for this project is the most important and time consuming part. I am eager to get creative.

The Blog

Vincent: I don’t know how to thank you.
Jerome: No, No. I got the better end of the deal. I only lent you my body. You lent me your dream.


You might wonder why a quote from a movie about liberal eugenics and genetics has to do with this blog? GATTACA is my all time favorite movie with a highly suspenseful plot. Based on his genetics Vincent Freeman is deemed “unfit,” therefore in order to overcome that obstacle he borrows the “physical identity” of Jerome Morrow. Although “unsuited” Vincent goes on to achieve his childhood dream of exploring space. A dream for a body and a body for a dream. This is the goal of this blog – to give you my dream and to inspire you.

After I moved to a self-hosted service in October 2012 the blog has reached 1600+ views/month (December figures). I have gotten into a rhythm of publishing 3-5 articles a week and as the content grows I am hoping to reach 100-200 daily views by April. The main goal of the site is to provide valuable information that is incomplete or nonexistent, yet sought after by many people. I am starting to get more and more search engine traffic which proves that the content found on TheTallCyclist is providing value.

As traffic increases I will look into getting some sponsorship/advertisements for the site. The goal will always be a “win-win,” for me and for you the reader; I will never sacrifices your “win” for some short term personal gain PERIOD.

Sports Nutrition

Many years ago in my rowing days I made a drastic change in my eating habits and my sports results improved tremendously. Since than I have only reaffirmed my belief that proper rest and nutrition are hugely important for high athletic performance. I plan to add a ‘Food’ section to the blog some nutritional guidelines together with recipes I have found very useful for the athlete in training.

In het Nederlands

I am member of a Dutch cycling club and as season progresses I will post some articles, particularly on the local races, in Dutch. It will be both an exercise for me and I aim to provide some quality information for my Dutch readers. Cyclists are a community, therefore through these articles I aim to provide value to the local cycling crowds.


  • 10-12h training hours/week
  • 400W FTP (from 350W in season 2012)
  • Custom Painted Carbon Frame with Internal Di2
  • ¬200+ daily blog views+blog sponsorship/advertising
  • Section on Nutrition

A drop of support means an ocean of gratitude.

If you find motivation and value in the content of TheTallCyclist, consider making a donation.

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