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Weekly Summary: May 6 – May 12, 2013: And It is Finally Here!

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Weight program:  Super Explosive Power Week 3 out of 6/7

Monday:  Off
Tuesday: morning: “The Spin” afternoon: District Championships Time Trialing – 354W Avg/351W XPower
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: 3:00h long Z2 ride 226W Avg/224W xPower
Friday: Off
Saturday: morning: “The Spin” afternoon: 1:40h Training Crit at Wielercircuit Sloten 231W Avg/266W xPower
Sunday: 2:20h long endurance Z2 ride 221W Avg/217W xPower (TT bike)

Total Bikescore: 401
Total Training Time: 8:30h bike + 1:30-1:45h weights

Weekly Summary

Keeping my Endurance

As my racing season is really beginning in earnest with a training race during the week and more racing in the weekend I will be taking additional days off to recover during the week. This is a slippery slope since you get all your high intensity workouts from racing, however, your general condition suffers since you are not doing much to keep it up. This is where it went wrong just around May/June last season, so I will be doing a long Z2 ride in the middle of the week to prevent myself losing my general endurance.

Weekly Training Race at Wielercircuit Sloten

In the Netherlands every cycling club has it own “course.” It just happens that the clubs are situated in a sports park/industrial area so you can have all the space you need. One such very popular circuit in the Amsterdam area is the Wielercircuit Sloten. Starting from the middle of March all the way until mid-October at every Saturday at 15:00 there is a training race. It is a very popular circuit and fields are large with 70+ riders. I really like the course since it is a not technical and turns are very wide. There is a short and steep hill on the east side of the course (between interval 34 and 4) as well.


Last week it fit perfectly in my schedule so I went there. Although the front of the peloton was filled with Continental PROs (Cycling Team De Rijke-Shanks, KOGA Cycling Team, AA-Drink, etc.) it felt more like a very fast group ride rather than a race. I made two of the short-lasting breakaways (in the process I completely shattered all my old best power numbers in the 40s-2min range!!!!), however, nothing really stuck and it was all a bunch finish. Although the pace went to 50+kph (30+mph) at the end I didn’t have a moment where I was barely hanging on, I can only be happy about it.

New All Time Best Power Records in the 40s-2:00min Range!!! (black line)

On the positive side, having such large fields, is the perfect opportunity to practice my peloton riding skills going race speeds.  It was fun, however, it left me somewhat fresh so I had the legs to do a Z2 ride the next day.

Learning to be Comfortable When Uncomfortable

After being more or less recovered from the crit at Wielercircuit Sloten, I decided to push my comfort zone a bit. I went on a 2:00+h Z2 ride on my TT bike! The first hour felt amazing; the next 30min it was starting to get uncomfortable. The last part was no fun at all and my neck is still a bit sore.

The idea was to make my body feel comfortable when uncomfortable. If I can be semi-adjusted to the aero position on a long ride I will be feeling perfect during a shorter TT going race power. The engrained muscle memory means that I will not have to spend energy to stay in position, but rather just push harder.


I never thought about it, however, I can see why people can get addicted to Instagram (Cover photo of this post). So now you can follow me there on this link.

As a conclusion, my form is finally starting to surpass my best numbers from last season so I am pretty content with that!


You can find explanations of the terms here together with explanations of the Training Zones.

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Home » The Training Hours » Weekly Summary » Weekly Summary: May 6 – May 12, 2013: And It is Finally Here!

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