Against the Clock Pain and Racing Speed

The Best Feeling in the World: Club Championships Time Trialing 2013

No, not yet. For the hundredth time today I glanced at the clock and I still had hours to go. Having too much free time is not all it is cracked up to be. It was a Wednesday, or more precisely May 15th, 2013. Why is this important? If you are to ask any of […]

Pain and Racing Speed

Omloop Hoeksche Waard 2013: A Race is a Race is a Race!

My annoying alarm didn’t take no for an answer. All I could see through my weary eyes, after the third snooze, was 6:25am. In a last desperate search for an excuse, I looked at the light creeping through the folds on my bedroom curtains. Nope, no rain, it was sunny. Crap, no excuses, in less […]

Pain and Racing Speed Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary: May 6 – May 12, 2013: And It is Finally Here!

Weight program:  Super Explosive Power Week 3 out of 6/7 Monday:  Off Tuesday: morning: “The Spin” afternoon: District Championships Time Trialing – 354W Avg/351W XPower Wednesday: Weights Thursday: 3:00h long Z2 ride 226W Avg/224W xPower Friday: Off Saturday: morning: “The Spin” afternoon: 1:40h Training Crit at Wielercircuit Sloten 231W Avg/266W xPower Sunday: 2:20h long endurance Z2 ride 221W Avg/217W xPower (TT bike) Total Bikescore: 401 […]