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Weekly Summary April 22 – April 28, 2013: New Toys, intensity Over volume and a Mid-season Break.

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Weight program:  Super Explosive Power Week 1 out of 6/7

Monday:  Weights (New Program introduction)
Tuesday: morning: “The Spin”  afternoon: 1:00h Training Crit 322W Avg/334W xPower
Wednesday: morning: Weights afternoon: 45min Z1/2 ride (TT bike)
Thursday: 5x5min Z5 VO2 max intervals (TT bike)
20min warmup, 3min medium intensity, 6min easy, 5x(5min Z5+2.5min rest), 10min cooldown.
Interval 1: 349W Avg
Interval 2: 342W Avg
Interval 3: 334W Avg
Interval 4: 334W Avg
Interval 5: 332W Avg

Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

Total Bikescore: 198
Total Training Time: 3:15h bike + 1:30-1:45h weights

Weekly Summary

Although the blog has been quiet, I have been busy with many projects behind the scenes so a lot of new content is coming your way.

In addition, I have to honestly admit I have been having the HIGHEST motivation that I can remember for the longest time and I have been putting a lot of quality training with the occasional weekly training race. I am on upward trend so I will do everything possible to keep it that way.

So on to last week.

A Race Wheelset

Enter the deep carbon age; I finally have a dedicated race wheelset! (cover photo)

After a lot of research of what would fit my needs (price, strong, stiff, durable, aero for TTs), I settled on an Enve 1.65 tubular rims laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes. It is no secret I am a huge Chris King admirer/user so it was only logical I used the Chris King r45 road hubs; as an added bonus I ordered the limited edition purple hubset.

On Tuesday I had everything finished, I installed Schwalbe Ultremo HT tyres and after a brief ride to break in the hubs and make sure nothing broke/came loose, I raced the wheels during the Tuesday training crit. They are nothing short of amazing, I will post a detailed review very soon. I never believed, let alone imagined that equipment can make such a big difference. This wheelset is right up there in terms of value together with my Powermeter.

Weekly Training Crit

On one of the first nice spring days a lot of guys showed up for the race. Attacks were flying constantly and I made almost every move, hence why the Avg. Power is close to the xPower. I had amazing legs and the new wheels added to the experience as well. Unfortunately, none of the moves stuck and it was all decided in a sprint finish. A solo rider tried to break away with 4 laps to go. He ran out of gas with 2 laps remaining and as I made a solo flyer attempt on the last lap, I got spit out the back in about 200yds. A pure time-trialist like me can only find a concussion or broken bones in those mass sprint gallops, so I just rolled over across the finish after the sprinters had battled it out in the last two corners.

I recorded the best 60min peak power of ALL time together with 10 and 30min peak power for 2013.

New Weight Training Program

After I finished my last weight training cycle, I started a new weight training program. It focuses on explosiveness even more. I will post the full details soon, together with a recap of my previous 7 week training cycle of course.

Intensity Over Volume

Since I knew this was going to be a short week, I tried to squeeze in as much intensity as possible. When time gets tight and you are mid-season, your key workouts are your high-intensity efforts. You have enough hours in your legs from the winter so do not get hung up on putting a huge training volume if you are crunched for time. I was completely spent after Thursday so I was ready to take it easy.

Bridging the Gap on the TT bike

Whether it is the cramped aero position or other reasons, it is normal at the beginning to ‘ lose’ some power on a TT bike, compared to a regular road bike. As you do it more, your body develops muscle memory and the gap in power should almost entirely disappear.

Although I hit all my watt targets during last week’s 5x5min interval session (regular road bike), this week I was about 10-15W lower (TT bike).  I suspect the new weight training program the day before had left me quite fatigued as well.

HOWEVER, all intervals were done in a very controlled, relaxed and focused manner, without wasting a drop of energy death gripping the aerobars, sliding all over the saddle or spinning too heavy of a gear. At the same time each interval was 10-15W higher than the last time I performed this workout on the TT bike. Nonetheless it is a double positive improvement.

Mid-season Break

I decided to take a long weekend away from all things cycling as an extra supercompensation, since starting next week I will not have many opportunities to take it easy with priority events almost every week. I took a similar break last season at the end of April. After the 3 days off, we practiced some team time trial drills with the team and I set up some of the best aerobic power records that STILL stand today!

Whether this years mid-season break is going to have a similar effect, I am yet to see.

You can find explanations of the terms here together with explanations of the Training Zones.

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Home » The Training Hours » Weekly Summary » Weekly Summary April 22 – April 28, 2013: New Toys, intensity Over volume and a Mid-season Break.

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