Weekly Summary April 15 – April 21, 2013: My Enemy’s Enemy is My Friend

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Weight program: Explosive Power Build Week 7 out of 7

Monday:  Off
Tuesday: 2:00h Group Ride 230W Avg/257W xPower
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: 5x5min Z5 VO2 max intervals
20min warmup, 3min medium intensity, 6min easy, 5x(5min Z5+2.5min rest), 10min cooldown.
Interval 1: 348W Avg
Interval 2: 352W Avg
Interval 3: 353W Avg
Interval 4: 347W Avg
Interval 5: 354W Avg

Friday: 1:20h Z3 Tempo ride 261W Avg/261W xPower
Saturday: 1:30h Z3 Tempo ride 264W Avg/264W xPower
Sunday: 2:20h Z2 Endurance ride 226W Avg/225W xPower

Total Bikescore: 469
Total Training Time: 8:45h bike + 1:30h weights

Weekly Summary

My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

Wind is the nemeses of all cyclists. As much as it is my own worst enemy, it is the enemy of my opponents. That being said, this week, although windy, with one day having a weather warning (Beaufort 7+ speed winds), I had some of my best rides…EVER! Two weeks ago I let the headwind take the best out of me and I even threw in the towel for one workouts. This week I actually had a blast pushing the pace in the gusting headwind. I suddenly realized that since the wind is not going to ease up I shouldn’t be death gripping the handlebars and fighting it. I should just go about MY training, albeit at a much slower pace.

My Thursday 5x5min VO2 max interval session was done in those Beaufort 7 winds (picture at the top of this post is of a small pond, next to a golf course on my training route….YES those are white caps). It was quite an interesting feeling pushing 350W+ on the 39/21 going about 22kph (~16mph). Nonetheless I hit all my watt targets. The wind eased up slightly in the next 2 days for my  Z3 workouts, however, through changing my mindset, I had a blast..again! Wind or no wind, the training should go on. I put all that I learned in practice during my long Z2 ride on Sunday. On a  sunny, windless day I was so relaxed that the 2:20h just flew by imperceptibly.

A Sunday Morning Ride

As a conclusion, this week I managed to put a lot of quality training time since the week before I had a priority race and took it easy for the most part. Besides all the hours on the bike, most importantly I learned not to fight and tense up (meaning wasted energy) in the wind (something I could have used in my TT a week earlier).

The coming week I will focus on intensity so I will try to do a Training Crit (weather permitting; not pouring rain) and some VO2 max intervals on my TT bike.

You can find explanations of the terms here together with explanations of the Training Zones.

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Home » Uncategorized » Weekly Summary April 15 – April 21, 2013: My Enemy’s Enemy is My Friend

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