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Time Trialing – Power, Position, and Pacing

Time Trialing and YOU A good time trial takes three things: Power, Position, and Pacing. When I did my first time trial, I was psyched. I had a true time trialist power profile, I had worked hard, I practiced riding with aerobars, had a cool looking helmet. Fifteen minutes into the race I got passed […]

Pain and Racing Speed

Big Chainrings and Headwind – 2012 Dutch Amateur Time Trial Championships

I always wondered, how can you RIDE a time trial bike, let alone be comfortable? Who needs 55 tooth chairings? On September 1, 2012 I had my answer. After a somewhat long(ish) mid-season break, I was back on the saddle for one last race – The 2012 Dutch Amateur Championships. From what I hear, it […]