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Weekly Summary May 20 – May 26, 2013. My First Road Race and Last Weeks Before the End of My Dutch Days

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Weight program:  Super Explosive Power Week 5 out of 6/7

Monday:  Core Exercises only
Tuesday: 2:00h Group Ride 222W Avg Power/251W xPower
Wednesday: 1:00 Z3 Tempo ride 267W Avg/266W xPower
Thursday: 1:15h Z3 ride 220W Avg/219W xPower
Friday: Off
Saturday: Omloop Hoeksche Waard Road Race 2:21h 297W Avg/310W xPower
Sunday: Off

Total Bikescore: 422
Total Training Time: 6:50h bike + 0:45h Core Exercises

Weekly Summary

No More Weights

It has been a long 7 months that I have spent in the gym so it is time to let it all sink in. As my first part of racing season rolls down to a close before I focus my preparation entirely on the Bulgarian National Championships at the end of June, it is time to let my body take additional recovery. Therefore for now I am going to lay off lifting weights, however, I will NOT stop working on my core strength/stability since it is a crucial component of functional fitness.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes it Rains

Although it is almost June, the Dutch weather is still on its winter calendar. It rained for three straight days (and drizzling for the rest) leaving the roads slippery so instead of the weekly training criterium I opted for the weekly Group Ride. Fitness wise it is a much better decision, however, my biggest problem as a cyclist is the lack of enough race experience, so I’d rather be racing, however, you have to make decisions on your feet. Taking a spill in a wet criterium corner is not even on the bottom of my to-do list.

Tempo, Tempo, Tempo

Since I had my first road race last weekend (Omloop Hoeksche Waard) it was better for me to do Z3 tempo rides to get used to the “peloton speed” I was going to face.  Instead of my long Z2 endurance ride I did 2x Z3 Tempo workouts. On Thursday I had a LOT of power and motivation and it is the highest wattage I have ever done for such a training! It was a poor man’s moto-pacing in a way=P

I have previously mentioned that mid weekly rides in racing season should be reserved to keep your overall condition (loooong Z2), however, since I have 2 more weeks before  focus entirely on the National Championships, I preferred to squeeze higher intensity and shorter duration rather than getting soaked for 3+h in the pouring rain.

Omloop Hoeksche Waard 2013


This was my first road race ever!!!! So I had one goal, finish or more precisely see what it takes to finish (and eventually be competitive in) such an event. Like a typical Dutch race it squeezed the most distance in a ridiculously small area! The strong 25+kph (14+mph) crosswinds coupled with the constantly changing road direction split up the peloton in multiple groups. I was in one of the back ones and it was going fine until two thirds of the race when suddenly all 30 people in my group threw in the towel!!! I mean they literally stopped racing. So close to the finish line is no lace to quit so me and 2 other cyclists finished the race as a race rather than a coffee ride. As a note I have to say the organizers did a VERY poor job with marking the course at the end and no neutral/police vehicles were to be seen anymore. You CANNOT leave 30+ riders in the middle of nowhere in a course that hasn’t got a single single straight line! I understand some of those people are volunteers but if you are not going to do it right, don’t do it at all! UCI rules clearly state that a course should be marked with visible markers at all times. I guess this is where amateur and PRO sports differ. If you watch Paris-Roubaix or other 1 day PRO races, there are riders still finishing when the winners are giving their 3rd or 4th interview AFTER the award ceremony.

Overall this was THE hardest and longest I have ever gone on a bike also accumulating about half of all my training stress for the whole week in just this one race! A full recap is coming soon so stay tuned!

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Home » The Training Hours » Weekly Summary » Weekly Summary May 20 – May 26, 2013. My First Road Race and Last Weeks Before the End of My Dutch Days

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