The Truth About the Shimano A and B Type Chainrings

Although widely claimed that Shimano¬†A and B type chainrings are interchangeable with an unnoticeable penalty in performance, in reality things are not as perfect. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so with actual photos I aim to show what is the difference between the two types. Shimano’s front derailleur/chainring shifting is an […]

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Storing Bike(s) Indoors – The Cycloc

Bicycles are fun, no two opinions about it. However, when not ridden, they are inconvenient for transport or storing., especially if space is limited like in an apartment. The constant bumping and snagging into pointy bicycle parts can quickly turn into a hate only relationship. Read further on how I¬†conveniently and safely stored multiple bikes […]

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Review – PRO Torque Wrench

The Best Insurance for Carbon Parts We all know those bright colored stickers on a (carbon) frame with writing of the sort “Max torque 6.2Nm.” Are they just the manufacturers way of shifting responsibility to the user or they actually contain some truth to it? I think it is a bit of both. Going by […]