Equipment Reviews

The Chris King Bottom Bracket Review

The crankset is the connection that makes you propel the bike forward. Often overlooked, the bottom bracket is an equally important part. Most of the times it is just a consumable item, like your brake pads or tyres, albeit a consumable that requires fancy (shop) tools for installation. With the advent of sealed cartridge bearings, regular servicing is something Sheldon […]


The Truth About the Shimano A and B Type Chainrings

Although widely claimed that Shimano A and B type chainrings are interchangeable with an unnoticeable penalty in performance, in reality things are not as perfect. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so with actual photos I aim to show what is the difference between the two types. Shimano’s front derailleur/chainring shifting is an […]

Pain and Racing Speed

National TT championships 2012 Preview

Friday, June 29 is the date of the 2012 TT championships in Bulgaria. This has been my number 1 goal this season so I after almost 7 months of training it is good to recap the past period. Fitness and Equipment I completed a solid 8 weeks of base training starting January and I have […]