Weekly Summary June 10 – June 15: Travelling and Enjoying the Nature

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Weight program: Core Exercises Only

Monday:  2:40 Z2 ride 243W Avg/239W xPower
Tuesday: 0:50h Z2 ride 231W Avg/231W xPower (TT bike)
Wednesday: 5x5min Z5 VO2 max intervals (TT bike)
20min warmup, 3min medium intensity, 6min easy, 5x(5min Z5+2:30min rest), 10min cooldown.
Interval 1: 378W Avg
Interval 2: 372W Avg
Interval 3: 352W Avg
Interval 4: 362W Avg
Interval 5: 362W Avg

Thursday: Off (Driving to Bulgaria)
Friday: Off (Driving to Bulgaria)
Saturday:  Core Exercises (Driving to Bulgaria)
Sunday:  2:45h Z2 ride 231W Avg/229W xPower (First Ride in Bulgaria)

Total Bikescore: 352
Total Training Time: 7:25h bike + 0:45h Core Exercises

Weekly Summary

Let the Games Begin!

Three weeks to go to the 2013 Bulgarian National Championships so it is all business from now on. After 8-9months of solid training now is NOT the time to train hard, however, rather train SMART. So for the most part I will be keeping my condition with Z2 endurance rides and at the same time doing more and more race specific workouts (on my TT bike).

A Bad Workout is Only the One That Didn’t Happen

I have learned by trial and error that the above holds true. No matter what happens, barring some real disaster, finishing a workout is infinitely better than just throwing the towel. When you quit, deep down inside you know that quitting is an option, nothing that is worth achieving in life and sports has quitting as a choice. Only you can put limits on yourself!

During my 5x5min VO2 max intervals last week my flame simply died on the third interval. I decided to keep going with lower power goal, however, for some reason road construction and traffic were not cooperating as well causing me extra frustrations. Although not the best training by a long shot, I finished my last workout before setting off for Bulgaria on a good note!

Driving to Bulgaria

Remembering how I almost literally melted on the asphalt during the 2012 Bulgarian National Championships, I took the smarter approach and decided to go 10days in advance to get a little more accustomed to heat. Like in any new place it takes some adjustment but I was pleasantly surprised by the good weather and the nature in Bulgaria. I am posting some pictures on what is my training route just outside of Sofia in the direction of the town of Samokov.

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Home » Uncategorized » Weekly Summary June 10 – June 15: Travelling and Enjoying the Nature

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