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Are you the type of person who never wants miss an update of your favorite website? The internet has the perfect solution for you! All the latest content of your beloved online places comes to you as soon as you start your web browser. This solution is called Rich Site Summary or RSS. I am sure you have seen the logo in one shape or another on a lot of sites. Most current platforms including WordPress (this blog), Blogger, News sites, online forums and such have RSS built into them. Now you can subscribe for FREE to websites and you get a notification as soon as something new gets posted.

NOTE: For you users it is absolutely the same as the “Subscribe” option already available, however, it is applicable to ALL sites that support RSS. Therefore your followers can subscribe to your self-hosted WordPress blog as well!

RSS Reader in Google Chrome

What I will show you is how to set up RSS in Google Chrome, however, the principle of RSS remains the same. You just need something to “read and receive” RSS. Google Reader is one such web-based program (NOTE: As announced by Google in 2013, the Google Reader would officially close in June 2013).

So on to the instructions…

Google Chrome has the so-called extensions, or small programs that add additional functions to it.

Go to the Settings Menu in Chrome; Click on the ‘Extensions’ tab. (I already have RSS Reader installed.)

Click on ‘Get more extensions.’ You enter the Chrome Web Store. Enter ‘RSS’ into the search box. You get a lot of results. I personally use and recommend “RSS Feed Reader.” Click on ‘Add to Chrome.’ You are done.

Subscribing to a Blog/Website

Once installed, ‘RSS Reader’ will appear next to the address bar. When you are on a website that supports RSS a small green plus will appear on the icon.

Click on the RSS Reader icon and than click on the plus (Add Feed). For example for this blog you can subscribe to the articles or the comments. Click on the “Follow” button on the feed you want to stay up to date. When there is a new article a number will appear on the ‘RSS Reader Icon.’ In my case there are 20 unread updates from blogs/forums I follow.

That’s it. You can add and organize your RSS feeds. Open the RSS Reader everytime there is something new; click on the page of itnerest in it opens in a new tab. You can stay up to date to all your favorite websites/blogs by just turning on your web browser.

Subscribing to a Self-Hosted Blog in the WordPress Reader

In addition your former followers on WordPress can subscribe to your new self-hosted blog using the same Reader that is already in WordPress. Simply go to the Reader Tab and click Edit List. Enter the address (URL) of the new blog and you are done (notice how TheTallCyclist appears with the RSS logo instead of the WordPress W). Posts would appear the same way as they did before you migrated to a self-hosted blog!


Good luck!

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Home » Various » Subscribing to This (Self-hosted WordPress) Blog

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