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Favorite Cycling Movies

The Hard Road

PRO cycling is the speed, the glamour, the media attention, the podium girls. PRO cycling is the cheap hotels, the never ending travelling, the constant excruciating fatigue, and the countless personal sacrifices. The Hard Road follows the (former) NetZero Professional Cycling Team on the road during one season in the USA. The personal stories and challenges of each of the riders is intertwined with the blistering speeds and exhilarating crowds that are an inevitable part of cycling at the top level.

People are judged and their careers are made or not made on things that are subjective and others opinions. This sport is not like that at all. There is such tremendous truth in this sport. I think that is one of the reasons I love the sport. And one of the reasons so many people stick with it, is that you are rewarded for what you do. It’s not subject to anybody’s opinion. And if you are good enough you’re gonna be there, and you put the hours in you’re gonna be there…That’s what most people are looking for – a level playing field, where they can be rewarded for all their efforts. And it is one of the great simplicities of sports in general, but this sport especially.

-Jamie Paolinetti

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Brussels Express

In one of Europe’s most traffic congested cities, a group of cycling couriers are making way for a long forgotten means of transportation. Government policies or a mentality shift – what does it take to make city commuting better? Beautiful cinematography, best enjoyed in full screen.





One guy put himself on ‘the program.’ Voluntarily. He wanted to prove that the system to catch doping is not working. He discovered performance enhancing is a multi layered story that spans across so many levels including global politics (including war and dicatorship), ethics, corporate interests. It never was about the athletes. 

Favorite Cycling Movies


The Road to Roubaix

Through the cobbles and the rain every cyclist dreams of the ring of the bell announcing the final lap at the Roubaix velodrome. A tough mistress, the Queen of the North is a legend in professional cycling. There is a lot more than just cobbles on the road to Roubaix. A stunning cinematography coupled with an emotion inspiring soundtrack.


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Home » Various » Favorite Cycling Movies

2 replies on “Favorite Cycling Movies”

Banishki, what about A Sunday in Hell? It’s all the jitters, unkindness and ache of a good race day.

Hi Charlie,

Very nice to hear from you! You are correct that “A Sunday in Hell” is a great movie. There are a number great cycling movies out there and my list is by no means comprehensive. I tried to narrow down what cycling means to me in 5 very valuable (and not widely known) films.



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