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Training on Tubular Tyres

Most of the times when you think tubular tyres you imagine fine hand craftsmanship, supple ride quality and of course time consuming gluing. The first two attributes is something you want, and let’s face anything that spells inconvenience, you run as far away from as possible. Therefore gluing tubulars is usually reserved for your precious […]

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Review – Continental Sprinter Gatorskin Tubular Tyres

When you are out on the road training, enjoying the ride, or racing, you certainly do not want any small misfortunes to take away from the experience. Punctured tyres are one, frequently encountered event that can really be quite an annoyance. Training kilometers outweigh racing ones by a factor of many, therefore putting unique demands […]

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Equipment – Classic Wheelset

Zipp 303 or 404 for racing? Fastest wheel for training/racing? If you follow online cycling discussion groups you stumble upon threads like this. As a beginner racer, usually on budget you can hardly afford multiple wheelsets. So now what? Am I going to be competitive against guys with 80mm deep carbon wheels??? The answer is […]