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Smiles From the Old Reels: Season 2014

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After a lengthy pause, just at the 2 year anniversary of TheTallCyclist it is time for a long awaited catching up or as we say around here: “Smiles from the old reels.”

Each event will get it’s separate post that would be linked to the categories here; this post is like a table of content of sorts.


Training (like the PROs): You like me have probably wondered: “How do the PROs train?”  It was my first season having a training schedule given to me by a team coach (Kamen Stanchev, the man responsible for creating Slovenian cycling in the past), rather than me being one hundred percent self coached. If I learned one thing, it is that I don’t follow a schedule blindly just because a coach has given it to me. Even so, with a few tweaks I discovered a lot of new things as far as how to train. In addition it also gave me a piece of mind – PRO or amateur we all train the same.

City of Thousand Hills – Grand Prix Sarajevo 2014 (UCI 2.2): In small region with many countries, more borders and still bearing some scars of past wars, the first edition of the Grand Prix Sarajevo taught me two things. 1. You need an 11.  2. If you are small it doesn’t mean you can climb well.

I know what you did last summer – National Road Championships 2014: Ghosts of communism, strange hotels on lonely mountain roads, last minute course changes and bad organization – in short last season’s national cycling championships.

…and it was over so soon…. – National Track Championships 2014: With something like 3 days on the track due to bad weather (Sofia velodrome is outdoors and steep so riding in the rain is a big no-no) and the wrong gearing, it was…well fast…and over just as fast, and lots of fun.

Anatomy of an (out of competition) doping test: The people at the national anti doping agency got to earn their paychecks, hence at the end of season they tested various athletes from different sports. I got picked together with 5 other guys from my team. I have always wondered if it is just a simple pee in a cup and what goes on in those anti-doping tents at races. Let’s say I can check off “Pee in a room full of mirrors from my bucket list.”=)

Summing it All Up: 2014 had it’s challenges and as a friend of mine says: “Things will work out in one way or another…most likely another.”

Photo credit: Sofia velodrome (Link)

Home » Pain and Racing Speed » Smiles From the Old Reels: Season 2014

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