Happy Birthday to TheTallCyclist

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Today this blog is officially 1 year old!

November 18, 2012 is the day I brought this website to life. The gods of Google traffic have been very kind to me and more than 90% of my ever increasing visits are from search queries with some of my articles ranking among the top of all of Google! I am very happy that my efforts have provided value to you my readers and it is an extra motivation to keep documenting my pursuit of the cycling dream.

I have put a list of 5 articles that I will always remember as part the last 12months.

I hope you enjoyed reading my stories as much I enjoyed writing them and thank you for the support!

A drop of support means an ocean of gratitude.

If you find motivation and value in the content of TheTallCyclist, consider making a donation.

Home » Various » Happy Birthday to TheTallCyclist

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