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We have all been beginners once. Through the more than 20 years of direct involvement with competitive sports I have discovered that a helping hand during those first steps or in moments of hardship as an athlete makes a world of difference.

I do not claim complete expertise when it comes to training, endurance sports, and cycling, however, through many trials and errors (mostly errors) I have collected a lot of practical experience that has put me in the right direction. We all makes mistakes, even the PROs make beginner’s mistakes (YES they all do), I guess that’s what makes them human after all. On that note, I have found that sharing and discussing questions, ideas, and goals with likely minded people to be inspiring for everybody involved. Therefore…

If you have any comments or questions, ideas of what you want to see on this website  you can reach me at:

banishki [at} gmail [dot} com

I, Nikola Banishki, would be more than happy to answer. Thank you in advance!

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  1. A.Lipkovich
    A.Lipkovich at · Reply

    ich benutze GoldenCheetah V3 auf meinem iMac /moutain lion.
    Frage: Habe mehrere Athleten gespeichert. Wie kann ich einzelne wieder löschen?

  2. Emilio CS
    Emilio CS at · Reply

    Hello Nikola, first congratulations for sharing your thoughts and knowledge to all of us. I recently installed “Golden Cheetah” but I don´t have a powermeter (too expensive for me) but I have a powermeter in my indoor bike (bkool) and I wonder if you think is posible to extract usefully information from all rides (indoor / outdoor), or is best to use only indoor workouts.

    Could I use the Strava Suffer Score as xPower, and insert it manually with other data like Energy Output and Average Power?

    I found very interesting your “EASY 5 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM” and I reviewed your weekly sumary from january ¿did you make your own training plan?

    What do yo think about the “12 week lance armstrong comeback training plan”? I did a CTS test few months ago but now that I have a PC value I find it hard to establishing their zones (SS, CR, PI…) in my own zones (z1 to z7).

    Too many questions? Sorry ;-)
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Emilio C.S.
    Emilio C.S. at · Reply

    Thanks a lot four your reply Nikola ;-)

    I checked that the Suffer Score in Strava is the same as the xPower in Golden Cheetah when training with my indoor power meter (bkool), so I think that I will use this value to get an approximation of my stress value for my outdoor rides until I get a power meter to my bike.

    About the “12 week lance armstrong comeback training plan”, I don’t know If I can link to the entire PDF (I found it searching for a training plan on the web) but here is a link where Carmichael explains how to do it ( Days ago I thought that I could update my CTS value with the “critical power” obtained from the last training session with “Golden Cheetah”, but now I’m sure that it would be a bad idea.

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