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My Weekly Sumamries are still a somewhat popular section of the blog and when I was still doing them, readers really enjoyed them, therefore I was thinking of bringing them back in way. After some consideration I decided that Strava would work to a degree; it just shows my riding and doesn’t cover my other training (mobilisation, gym work, etc), though it is the next best thing. I am going to give it a try, though I can set everything back to private if/when the circumstances dictate that.

Why my reluctance to join?

What I DON’T Like About Strava

First of all in my opinion Strava/Social Media represents everything that is wrong with the currently popular training and coaching ways. By that I mean the “No pain, no gain,” and/or “If you are not out there training, somebody else is training to kick your ass!” as well as the equating of suffering to training. That is wrong on so many levels and must change.

The fact that this pro rider, riding buddy or just a random person (that includes me) posted his workouts doesn’t mean that:

1. They are healthy and this type of training is sustainable (FOR YOU) and even for them (how many pro cyclists reach their early 30s if that before they retire? While peak or endurance sports is physiologically possible almost all the way up to 40).

2. To reach the level of this or that person you need to do what they do. Your life situation (family, job, stress) is unique and again look at point 1 above. There is far too much “banging of square pegs into round holes” that is called coaching these days and that must change.

That being said there are some things I do like about Strava.

What I Like About Strava

  1. I see it as a proof of concept that Dr. Maffetone’s or MAF training methods (when done correctly) work and as such this is the main reason why I wanted to put my workouts out there (you still have to request to follow me). There is far too much (mostly unfounded) criticism that MAF is not productive.
  2. Strava is really nice for making private segments to measure MAF pace etc. that I use in parallel with my regular MAF tests. I picked up some roads that I do often enough and I measure my power at MAF that it takes me to complete them.

Therefore you can follow me on Strava by using this link.

I upload my rides at the end of the week, usually Sunday, otherwise i spend wayyyy too much time obsessing about random unproductive details. Oh and if there is some really funky elevation data out there, it is just my old Garmin Edge 500’s broken elevation sensor.