Recipes for Endurance Sports


Recipes for Endurance Sports

“What’s for dinner?!?!?”

“What’s for dinner?” is probably the most dreaded question worldwide, ok maybe after “Whose bra is this?” The point being that the plethora of choices coupled with contradicting messages about what is healthy, more often than not leaves you in stupor and usually you reach for the path of least resistance available choice – junk/fast/order out food. Even for the health conscious, you still rotate more or less the same recipes. Therefore sitting in front a cookbook/channel/website with gazillion of choices, where do you even begin?!!????

Therefore starting to eat more in tune with your body appears more and more like a hugely daunting task, so you go back to your old habits…again. I mean who knew there were so many ways to make simple salad???. Small country restaurants have a simple menu, with no more than 3-5 main dishes, desert, entrees, etc. My experience is even in large and diverse groups no person is left hungry. First principles… Simplicity…Clarice…

As a consequence the few recipes below are an illustration that first there is PLENTY OF CHOICE even though you are going the polar opposite of many decades of wrong nutrition advice – indeed you can easily live without bread, sugar and processed carbohydrate garbage (carbage) and most importantly saturated fat is the best thing you can find to eat.

Second, the recipes are PRINCIPLES, you have the freedom to modify and use them as basis for what YOU like. Of course you can just take them as is and be successful in eating in tune with how mother nature intended us to, though what happens when you can’t find a particular ingredient one day… Therefore below are some recipes that are true and tested and put together with ingredients that are widely available. Modify them at your convenience to suit your tastes and share your experiences in the comment section below.


Ingenious omelette

Lunch and Salads

Roasted Chicken and Mine Salad

Avocado and Bacon Salad


Chicken Kebabs

The Amazingly Versatile burger

Cycling Nutrition Series

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