My Guarantee

My Guarantee

90 days Money Back Guarantee – Results or Your Money Back

Your time is your most important possession.

"Tic-toc, your time now belongs to me."

“Tic-toc, your time now belongs to me.”

Rumors are that once you get selected to be a trusted full time member in the Bulgarian mafia, you receive a watch. Your time now belongs to the mob. Your time is your most important possession.

Time is finite, we can’t turn it back; when it’s gone, it’s never to be seen again. At this point you giving me your time as well as money for my hours and expertise represents a reasonable trade. You came to me with an athletic ‘problem/challenge’ and me not being able to solve it to your satisfaction means that since I can’t return you the time spent, the least I can is reimburse you the money you had invested.

Furthermore I do not claim that know everything, I am firm believer in learning from your mistakes. As such this is one of the best ways to go at it.

The coaching industry worldwide is extremely superficial, fragmented and at subpar quality and that must change!

The fine print: You are free to stop at ANY TIME. The only caveat here is that this means the coaching fees for the last three months (90 days). Both of us would realize after a month or three whether we can work together and you get results or not. I will ask you if you want to continue and if not I would appreciate your brutally honest feedback on how I can improve.  As such working together for long periods of time would be a mutual decision rather than a forced grind and it would be unreasonable to expect a complete reimbursement for a full year or in some cases more, of personalized coaching. 

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