My Coaching Philosophy


Coaching is not just putting down workouts on a piece of paper.

I take a total approach towards you and your goals. What does that ‘total approach’ mean/include?


The Mind

In my personal experience and from working and competing with others I have seen that the greatest roadblocks for almost all people, atheltes or not, exist in the mind. The mind possesses boundless creative ability. Unfortunately this multi-layered complexity represents some of the greatest roadblocks for a good number of people. This is where the ego resides. Thehe ego that gets in the way; for example by equating good results to happiness, one cannot help but sway between the extremes of elation and more often depression. We are-able to do what we think we are able to do.We become what we think we will become. We are not able to do what we think we are not able to do. This is the art of positive thinking. The mind is the source of motivation, despair, and confidence to name just a few. The mind is not separate from…

The Body

You have to be a healthy and functional human being first, taking care and improving your body (and fitness) in order to be successful in your chosen activity, including things like nutrition, burning body fat as an energy source, rather than glucose, proper recovery, stress reduction, etc. Whether you are a runner, triathlete, cyclist or somebody looking to do sports for fun, your body is the physical foundation of it all. The structural foundation that is the skeleton, fascia, muscles, etc. depend on the many biochemical processes that constantly go on and are responsible for everything from breathing to the billions of neural transmissions that even are responsible for the wide array of emotions and conscious human function. Proper workings of everything that is the human body is paramount – this is where health comes in. Sacrificing health even for short term results is not a path worth following. The second aspect is functionality or in short using the body in the most optimal way possible, the way mother nature intended us to. Mother nature is just another word for…

The Environment

You are not separate from the rigors of daily life – everything that is ‘your existence’ (job, family, time availability, etc.) represents and influences who you are and is what usually sets constraints and guidelines (for me – your coach)  when designing your training program. In addition the so called life is a flexible and unpredictable endeavor, it’s part of being human. Success in my opinion represents the ability to manage the seemingly chaotic existence in the most optimal way possible.

Coaching is not just putting down workouts on a piece of paper.

My job as your coach is to teach, educate and inspire you – and ultimately help you perform the best given YOUR situation. All of the above is more than ‘just putting down workouts on a piece of paper.’ – it requires building a successful coach-athlete relationship.

It’s a custom process that ultimately depends on what you the athlete needs (or will need) help with.  To throw a couple of terms out there for the curious: health, aerobic base building, MAF method, nutrition, functional training and evaluation, etc.

For more detailed view on my coaching philosophy – look here.

In addition to get a feeling of my approach to things you can take a look at the articles in the Self-Coaching Section.

Why are my approaches different?

First, I teach and coach you principles of what it takes to be a healthy functional human, this is by far the most important step to high athletic performance. While I do provide you with list of workouts and actual things to do, it is why you do a particular thing that is important not the particular exercise, etc.. Success is the day you don’t need me, the day you have the ability and knowledge to make good decisions concerning your athletic development yourself.   While some might say, it makes for a bad business model; this is not what I am concerned with. Better and fulfilled athletes/clients is what I strive for.

That being said, I am not interested in formulas, zones, total hours etc. In my opinion such equations/numbers represent an extremely narrow way to squeeze a complex concept into a predetermined and usually quite limited “box.” Concepts, ideas and principles matter, numbers follow them, not the other way around, period. While a given formula/training volume/etc. might work for some, I am constantly reminded of the fact that even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Lastly, I do NOT believe in hacks and quick fixes. I believe in fundamentals – that takes as much time as needed. I’d rather have you enjoying health, fitness and competitive success 10, 20, 30 years down the road, rather than fizz out after a rollercoaster season.

How to Get in Touch?

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