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time-273857_1920Contact and Rates

My current rates are:

  • 105eur for the first month
  • 75eur for each following month. My preferred payment method is PayPal.


Initial Get to Know Each Other Phone/skype Call and/or Email.

Tailoring a perfect program works best the more I know about you, your life situation, athtletic backgroud,  past and current injuries. I am not going to be your job/marriage counselor, however, if I am leaving you dead tired daily, so you have no time for your kids, I am doing a poor job and eventually you will burn out.

*If you are in the Paris Area, France we can meet up in person.

Custom and Ongoing Personalized Program to Suit Your Athletic Goals

Everybody’s situation is unique. I take a total (holistic) approach so it focuses on what YOU need coaching with, whether it is nutrition, training, motivation, technique, strength training, etc. or any combination of these. Pretty much anything is possible – it is a custom program. You can reach out with specific questions usign the contact information below.

Weekly Contact and Updates on Progress, Challenges, Etc.

Felt a bit off, got the flu, an unexpected thunderstorm rolled in, had to take care of the kids because the baby sitter was sick, etc, etc. it all happens, and it is ok. Improvement over time takes some fine tuning and on the fly adjustments. It’s part of the process and thanks to modern technology communication was never simpler.=)


Get the conversation started by reaching out to: contact at thetallcyclist dot com

Or you can fill out the contact form below.

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