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Coaching should give you more than it takes out of you.

Welcome to Purple Dog Endurance Coaching, ran by Nikola Banishki also known as TheTallCyclist.

The coaching services I offer are for every current or aspiring endurance athlete (cyclist, runner, rower, triathlete, etc.) who wants to (re)claim their health and fitness while achieving their goals of peak performance through true happiness, wellbeing and fitness.


The Origins

Seven…yes seven years of age is when my athletic career started. Trying to remember the thoughts that went through the little boy’s mind, I am sure I would not encounter any of the principles and ideas which define my daily life today.

In more than 23 years of my travels across many nations, even continents, athletics in various competitive forms was the one stable and consistent part in my life. I can honestly admit that I seriously thought of Olympic glory and world championships titles on quite a number of occasions. My committed and methodical personality was perfectly suited for the grind and suffering that I thought at the time was necessary in order to have a ‘fulfilling and successful’ athletic career. Therefore when in late 2015 at 30 years of age, I stood mentally burnt out and physically exhausted, I was faced with a tough dilemma – give up or find out what has been going wrong and start from scratch.

I chose the second and probably the one person who I owe this ‘second chance’ in sports is Dr. Phil Maffetone and his holistic approaches to health and training as well as the Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) training. To be precise, I heard of Dr. Maffetone from bike fitting guru Steve Hogg.

After reclaiming the reins/control of my (athletic) life, the amount of personal freedom, fulfilment and continuing positive motivation was something I had never experienced before in my lifetime. This led me to a realisation…

There is far too much sacrifice, suffering and unhappiness that is called training (and competitive sports). That must change, one athlete at a time.

That is how the Purple Dog Endurance Coaching was born in the summer of 2016. It represents me repaying that eternal gratitude to somebody who is responsible for ‘giving me a hand’ to climb out of (athletic) rock bottom and reach new levels of performance, never once imaginable. His methods must reach more people.

The coaching services I offer are for endurance athletes who want to reclaim their health and fitness while achieveing their goals of peak performance through true happiness, wellbeing and fitness.

What Happened with TheTallCyclist?

The Tall Cyclist is how this website started in late 2012, as the records of my journey into the world of (competitive) bike racing. All the posts are now under the Self-Coaching/Blog section. As the site motto goes “Educate, Take Charge and Coach yourself,” the blog will continue with regular new content to give you the needed information to become your best coach.


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