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The idea is simple. You have your best interests, nobody else. I believe knowing ‘Why?’ rather than ‘What?’ deeply motivates you to search for the pure essence of everything and reach true health and wellness. Every single of your life’s experiences and athletic endeavors are heightened through the complete awareness of your actions. My mission is to educate, inspire and ultimately to:

Let Me Improve and Coach Yourself


This is a one (tall) cyclist journey against the conventional wisdom(s) of our times. The blog covers what it takes to be a better human, person and ultimately athlete. I am a ‘prover of concepts,’ and explorer of fundamentals. 

At the end of the day you have your best interests, nobody else and you are ultimately in charge of your health, body, training and wellbeing.

There are many topics that you can start with your  journey. It’s a combination rather than a single solution, as such you can start browsing from the categories below:

Diet and Nutrition

Don’t get your food ideas from TVs and billboards. Don’t get me started on “diets.” This is the section that answers and explores probably the most controversial topic in health and sports – food.


I don’t just talk the talk, I also uhh…cook the talk.

Functional Training

“No Pain, No Gain’ is wrong on absolutely all levels. I explore why and provide you with better and healthier alternatives. Why you do this exercise versus another, 10 or 15 reps, fast or slow? – look no further

Stress Reduction

It has always been there until somebody gave it a name. Stress affects absolutely every single aspect of life; a far reaching concept that does not just represent an emotional problem, caused by deadlines, debts and/or annoying coworkers and the single thing that can outdo ALL training benefits.

Motivation and Thoughts

Great words can help you understand yourself, inspire you to achieve personal fulfillment and aid you in achieving your goals.

A Reading List

I read a lot of high value books and then I come here to write about them.

Product Reviews

I pay it out of my own pocket and I use it…a lot. I have the freedom to be able to choose the best gadget for my goals, without over complications and sponsorship gag clauses. I do not hold back punches when it comes to un-admitted mediocrity

Recommendation Lists

Based on my experiences I give you ideas on what might help you with your quests for life and atheltic improvement


This blog details a journey towards self-improvement in life and sports and as such setbacks are inevitable and they find place, to serve as lessons, among the posts here as well, most notably my old training and race logs.

The difference between a master and a novice, is that the master has failed more than the novice has tried.

Welcome to TheTallCyclist!

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