What's New?

What’s New?

After a lengthy pause from my part, I have redesigned the content and I am launching aproject I have been working on for quite some time.

Below are some of the changes that would appear in the coming days/week. I debated whether to do them all at once, however, that would mean a flood of posts in a very short time and in the modern day of spam, nobody likes that. Therefore below is a list of what’s new and coming on The Tall Cyclist

 Purple Dog Endurance Coaching

Well I am still alive so The Tall Cyclist is still around, however, the site will now be called Purple Dog Endurance Coaching. After my extremely positive and still ongoing improvement with Dr. Phil Maffetone’s MAF method, I am launching a coaching service to help others to (re)claim their health and fitness while achieving their goals of peak performance through true happiness, wellbeing and fitness. You can get more details on the Coaching section.

Of course the blog and many future articles will continue and they are accessible from teh Self-Coaching Link in the navigation menu.

Future topics (in no particular order) include:

  • Body Weight and Kettlebell Strength Training or the Mysterious Term – “Slow Weights”
  • Tension and Relaxation or in short: The terms Economy and Efficiency (of movement)
  • Left Brain/Right Brain – Visualisation Techniques

Food and Recipe Section

The Food and Recipe section is getting an overhaul and I have collected a nice concise list of recipes to help anybody get on their way on eating better. Remember that the food you eat infleucnes 80% of what happens to you and that includes athletic performance. The recipes would appear shortly in the coming days in order to avoid a massive new post notification spam.

Experiments in Speed

After my extremely positive results with The Active Workstation there are more articles coming in the Experiments in Speed Section – or the things in daily life, that are often overlooked because they are not “training,” that can make massive improvement in performance. The 2 topics that are forthcoming in the near future are:

  • The Seven Axiom SL: I sold all my bikes and got myself a custom geometry titanium frame. Wow is not enough to describe how well it rides and corners like on rails! A lengthy review is on its way.
  • Ketosis: I caved in and bought a blood ketone meter to see where I stand on the nutritional ketosis scale and what foods can positively/negatively influence it. (Blood) values don’t lie.

Book of the Moment

Among the ever increasing Reading List sometimes a book really catches my attention since it provides a totally new perspective and an explanation on a topic that I had long pondered on. As the title of the site suggest – Educate, Take Charge and Coach Yourself. The Book(s) of the Moment represents true gems in that department.

The first one that is coming is The Consuming Instinct – Gad Saad

The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature

Motivational Mondays are Back

Among the many goals behind this website is to take on the conventional “coaching wisdom” that I myself, like many others was a victim for a good 23 years. It’s amazing how a simple sentence or two of the great achievers, be that athletes, coaches or writers, can put tremendous meaning and just make the complicated seem simple. These posts would appear in a format that is easy to save and share and  I am going to make use of Instagram and Twitter a bit more as a result.

Last but not least any such changes would have unexpected bugs/broken links, etc for which I ask for your understanding and of course I always welcome constructive criticism that you can post in the comments section below.


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